GLP Representative Assisted Mutual Fund Platform for 403(b)/457 accounts, or GLP-RAMPSM

Investor Profile

Retirement plan investors in the 403(b) and 457 markets

Product Description

This solution uses a combination of either A share or R share mutual funds selected using a proprietary screening process from our Registered Investment Adviser, Asset Allocation Strategies, LLC.1

Representatives are given a menu of over 300 A share funds and over 200 R share funds from well-known mutual fund families from which to select. Investors are given a risk profile that allows the GLP Investment Services Representative to build a well-diversified risk-based portfolio for participants in public education retirement plans.

The participant’s Registered Representative builds and maintains the portfolio, which is either held at a dedicated custodian2 specializing in the 403(b) and 457 retirement plan markets or directly with the fund family. The Registered Representative offers these investments keeping in mind breakpoints and the investment capabilities of the employee when building client portfolios. The portfolio is allocated using a total asset allocation approach.

Key Features

  • Assessment and interpretation of client needs, goals, resources and investment choices
  • Open-architecture mutual fund investment platform3
    • Fund families include but are not limited to: Franklin Templeton, American Funds, OppenheimerFunds, Fidelity Advisor, First Eagle, MFS and Delaware
  • Proactive selecting, vetting and ongoing review of investment managers
  • Diversification and asset allocation strategies4
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and rebalancing5
  • Online account access2
  • Quarterly account statement

Fees and Expenses

  • Investment fund internal expenses: refer to the fund prospectus3
    • A share front-end sales charges 5.75% maximum
    • R share trail charges 0.50% annual expense in addition to fund management expenses
  • Platform fees: $25 annually plus 0.15% account maintenance fee
  • 403(b) loan fees $100 per loan


  1. Asset Allocation Strategies and GLP Investment Services are affiliated companies.
  2. Custodial services offered through MG Trust, Recordkeeping services through Aspire Financial. These companies are not affiliated with GLP Investment Services, LLC.
  3. Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing in Mutual Funds. The prospectus, which contains this and other information about the investment company, can be obtained directly from the Fund Company or your financial professional. Be sure to read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to invest.
  4. Neither Asset Allocation nor Diversification guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. They are methods used to help manage investment risk.
  5. Rebalancing can entail transaction costs and tax consequences that should be considered when determining a rebalancing strategy.