Our Retirement Planning Process

When you partner with the GLP family of companies, you’re entering into a long-term relationship. We take the time to develop a thorough understanding of who you are, how you think about retirement and what matters most to you. Our priorities are your priorities to plan, preserve and work toward fulfilling your vision of the future.

We take a process-based approach to helping plan participants in the tax-qualified market, providing our clients with an individual assessment of their retirement needs. Through education and straight answers to common questions, we help determine the appropriate solutions for you to enjoy a more confident retirement future.

We help our clients understand what to expect in retirement and how preparing now will ultimately help them in the long run. Our educational seminars and planning workshops help ensure that the employees and plan participants we serve are well-informed and confident in making some of the most important decisions in their lives.


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This solution uses a combination of either A share or R share mutual funds selected using a proprietary screening process from our Registered Investment Adviser, Asset Allocation Strategies, LLC.

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